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There are many ways to learn new things and stay on top of current affairs by utilising our Bot friends. From playing trivia to learning new languages to simply staying informed regarding the daily news, Bots can provide and test you on a whole bunch of knowledge every day – and you don’t even have to leave your messaging platform. Once many of us finish high school or college, we stop actively trying to learn new things. A reasonably large number of people take classes, attend courses at community college and even sign up for free online university units and modules, but the reality is that many of us wind up keeping ourselves pretty well occupied with our jobs and the realities of daily life. There are many ways to continue expanding our minds, from reading books and articles to attending specialised courses and groups to simply perusing Wikipedia articles. What Bots offer in this area is a new and easy way to engage with educational material and sharpen up our minds in quick, easy bursts.
Like all Bot categories and themes, there is growing interest in this area and many new Bots aiming to teach us something new or test our existing knowledge are popping up across all the major platforms (Kik, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Slack). We expect to see more involved, complex and clever Bots emerging in the coming months and years, but we’ve taken a close look at a few of those available now to determine which current educational Bots are the best, and which you will really enjoy learning something from. Note: these are in no particular order.

IMG_6267Trivia Blast
To play against this super smart Bot, you choose a topic and answer seven questions with the goal obviously being to get them all right or to get as many right as you can. Topics are super broad and include everything from General Knowledge, Movies, Technology and Sports to K-Pop. Each time you complete a question set you get points which contribute to your global ranking. Who doesn’t want to be the master of the world? Each correct answer will get you one point, and it’s a long ladder to climb – but who says you can’t do it? It’s also possible to make friends who are also playing the game and challenge them.  

Country Quiz
We all want to be geography genius’ – who doesn’t want to be able to name every flag and confidently point to every country on the globe? Well, Country Quiz for Kik is here to help you test and improve those skills, specifically flag learning and memorisation. Start an interaction and you’ll quickly start receiving images/questions. Questions are simple and easy to follow but like all good games, super addictive. You’ll receive an image of a flag and four countries to choose from. Once you select the right answer, you get another flag.

LangLearn BotLangLearn
With Doge as the picture, we know from the start that LangLearn Bot (for Facebook Messenger) is oh-so-internet. Similarly to Lingio Translate, this Bot’s aim is to help you learn new languages by translating words, sentences and phrases. One of the bonuses of this one is that is saves your translations as flash cards that you can refer to later, so it’s a pretty good way to get a bank of expressions in your arsenal. We tested it with English – German for accuracy. It translated the sentence “I want an apple” to “Ich will einen Apfel” which is correct, so we give this guy a little thumbs up. On that note, if you send it a thumbs up after receiving a translation, it saves it as a flashcard.

telegram-chatbot-andy-learn-englishAndy Learn English
This Bot ranks very high on a lot of lists because it is clever and very smooth to use. If you can already speak English then you won’t learn too much from this guy but if you’re in the process then it’s an excellent way to chat and engage with the language on a daily basis. You can also simply chat with it if you’re bored and using Telegram. What’s really exciting about this is the potential for similar Bots in different languages to pop up – it could definitely be a movement that catapults out ability to learn languages. It’s all about engagement, after all!

Top Quiz
Those using Facebook Messenger on a daily basis will be happy to welcome the “Game Centre – Top Quiz” Bot, which is ready to chat and quiz with you from the comfort of the Facebook messaging platform. Once you start a conversation, Top Quiz will send you a bunch of categories to choose from (General Knowledge, Game of Thrones and Brands), choose one and you can start answering trivia style questions. Easy, simple and fun.

Lingio Screenshot

Lingio Translate
Lingio Translate for Telegram and Facebook Messenger is a good way to learn and engage with languages or to simply translate a word or sentence if that’s what you need. When you start a conversation, Lingio’s default is set from English to Spanish  but by simply typing a “?” you can then toggle between more than 50 languages. We set ours from English – German for testing purposes. We typed “I want an apple” and received the translation “Ich möchte einen Apfel” which is technically “I would like an apple,” though it is the more polite way to ask/state that you want it – so it’s a pretty solid translation (and a bit more polite than LangLearn!). It also sends a picture of a nice green apple and the option to listen to the sentence. 10/10 for Lingio!

This is a really cool way to get pockets of quick and easy to understand information. Available for Telegram, Crynet will send you videos no longer than 60 seconds in duration that aim to “develop” your intelligence and “uplift” you. While we are sometimes in the mood to take on complex ideas and extensive amounts of information, when commuting or having a quick look at your phone in between tasks, attention spans can be low, or quite simply there is just no time to read hundreds or thousands of words. In this sense Crynet appeals to the modern lifestyle by giving us bite sized information.

Science Paper Bot
Whether you’re at university/college or not, reading and keeping up to date with academic and scientific papers is a great way not only to broaden your knowledge on a whole range of topics, but to stay on top of what is topical and the areas where research is occurring. This could be relevant to any discipline, but at this Bot’s name suggests, its focus is on bringing you science papers, via Telegram. Trawling through your library’s search function, or Google Scholar, can be an arduous and complex process, requiring ongoing rewording until the appropriate results appear. Science Paper Bot’s aim is to find scientific papers relevant to you through inline searching. It’s also able to update you when new papers that you might be interested in are published.

Game MonkGame Monk
If your team at work or university (or anywhere you’re using Slack) has some good, active channels going then Game Monk is a fun and clever Bot to weave in. The games are fun and quick, taking no longer than 90 seconds the aim is to “stir your creative juices and bring your team closer”. One of the games you can play is called Categories, in which a category is given and you need to say every word you can that relates to it. Each time a person says a keyword that hasn’t already been said, they receive one point. In Trivia, GameMonk asks multiple choice questions with answer options of A, B, C and D – the first to answer correctly gets the point.

Attentive For Slack
This one is pretty niche, but if you are interested in the stocks, sales and markets, or generally want to understand them more, then incorporating this Bot into one of your Slack channels could be largely beneficial to you and/or your team. It works by feeding you “intelligence” (see, learning!) on sales and markets. You can view, see and understand updates from companies “in seconds” as they are delivered directly on your slack channel. This means you can stay on top of the information you want without any significant distraction to your working day.

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